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Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint calculation and reporting

We calculate your company’s carbon dioxide emissions in compliance with the international GHG Protocol. The results are compiled into a visually clear and concise report. We offer flexible service options, from a comprehensive turnkey solution to merely validating your existing calculations and anything in between.

Sustainability reports

ESRS and CSRD compliant sustainability reports

We produce a comprehensive sustainability report on your company’s activities that complies with international reporting requirements. Sustainability reporting is mandatory for an increasing number of companies.

Materiality analysis

Focus responsibility work on the relevant issues

A materiality analysis identifies the needs and expectations of the company, customers and other key stakeholders. With the results of the analysis you will have a better understanding of where you should focus your sustainability efforts.


Product life cycle assessment

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) provides information on the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle. LCA can be used to understand and reduce the environmental impact of products and gain a competitive advantage.

Emission control

Carbon roadmaps and emission reduction plans

Identifying the significant emission sources is an essential part of responsibility work. A comprehensive carbon map makes it easier to plan strategies to reduce your emissions.


EcoVadis support and achieving a higher rating

The EcoVadis assessment tool measures a company’s performance in the areas of environment, employees, stakeholders and ethical performance. We provide you with a situation analysis and an action plan to achieve a higher Ecovadis rating.


SBTi, CDP, EcoVadis

We have already helped dozens of companies with SBTi, CDP and EcoVadis. No matter the stage you are in with your certification process, we can provide you with experienced help.

Carbon handprint

Identifying, quantifying and reporting the positive environmental impacts of a company, service or a product

The carbon handprint describes the positive impact of a company, service or a product on the climate and the environment. We analyse your solution and compare it to the alternative of your choice.

Communicate responsibly

Communication support

Has your company taken action on sustainability, but you don’t know how to communicate it to the outside world? Work with us to ensure that your communication is professional and effective.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

A comprehensive analysis and verified document about the environmental impact of the product

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) enable companies to communicate the environmental impact of their products. Data from the analysis can also be used to reduce the harmful effects of a product and promote more sustainable business practices.


Knowledge, development and new ideas through workshops

We organise workshops on carbon footprinting, sustainability reporting and other services. These workshops are an opportunity to learn new things, share ideas and develop your company’s sustainability work together.

Responsibility analysis

Personalised and detailed sustainability analysis

We carry out a comprehensive analysis of your company’s current sustainability situation. We identify strengths and areas for improvement, and develop a personalised sustainability plan to develop your operations. We help to involve management, employees and stakeholders in a common sustainability effort.

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